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Construction delays can cost millions each year. This leaves contractors and homeowners at loose ends as they kick their heels and wait, spending time and money on a project that should have been done yesterday.

With our own fleet of trucks and equipment, a well-trained crew and an advanced, concrete forming system, Arcana Building Company is fully equipped to ensure our client’s projects are completed on time, and on budget – keeping every project on track.

You shouldn’t have to deal with delays, ballooning costs or missed deadlines – with Arcana Building Company, you won’t have to.

What We Offer

Commercial Concrete Projects Services | Arcana Building Company Ltd.

Commercial Concrete

From hospitals to airports, Arcana’s experienced 15-man crew works with the latest in concrete equipment to help keep your project on time and on budget.

Residential Concrete Projects Services | Arcana Building Company Ltd.

Residential Concrete

From foundations to decorative walks, the Arcana crew works with you, and your timeline to create unique, high-quality concrete that will boost curb appeal and the value of your home.

Agricultural Concrete Projects Services | Arcana Building Company Ltd.

Agricultural Concrete

From silage pits to milking parlours, Arcana works with farmers to find solutions that will make their lives easier – and keep their outbuildings standing for years to come.

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About Arcana Building Company

Arcana consists of a competitive combination of experience, professionalism and a high standard of workmanship. We dedicate ourselves to every job no matter how small or large and work close with all parties involved in order to have projects completed efficiently and correctly.